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Surf Jobs on Jobzilla

The Best Jobs in Surfing

We can’t put you on the dream tour, but there’s always giant opportunities in the boardsports industry waiting for you. WSL Media Officer? Marketing Guru at Quiksilver? Even just a foot in the door retail gig – this is where you’ll find the very best surf jobs each week.  The best surf jobs let you live and breathe your obsession. Depending on where you are in your career, that could be CEO for a major surf brand, or just slinging rubber on a wetsuit floor. 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to register right now, we’ve listed some key options below:

  • Db

    Digital Coordinator
    Full Time

  • HUF

    Junior Product Developer
    Full Time

  • Backcountry

    Social Media Manager
    Full Time

  • Vans

    Brand Social & Community Manager
    Full Time

  • Rip Curl

    GM of Retail
    Full Time

  • Elevate Outdoor Collective

    North America – Ecommerce Manager
    Full Time

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Apply for Surf Jobs With Just A Few Clicks

Take the suck out of success when finding a surfing job. No need to wade through the meat markets of corporate job sites, or trawl each brand’s careers page one by one. All the gold nuggets are listed on Jobzilla.

If you register a profile and upload your skills & CV, you can apply for positions in just a few clicks. You’ll also get weekly job roundups based on your interests.

Creating a profile takes about 5 minutes if you have your current CV handy.

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If you’re a social kind of person, there’s also the Jobzilla social channels of Instagram and LinkedIn. We’ll probably get around to making a proper TikTok account one of these days too, but that might cut into our shred time.

This is work.